The hardest part of my trip around the world

Hello everyone,

It is now exactly one year ago since my last post on brontour. At that time I said that I will write soon about my last few weeks in Spain…I could not keep that promise, but at least I want to write again.

Since than last post a lot of things happened. Looking back I can say that this trip around the world definitely changed my life in many different ways…

Costa Rica was amazing and every time someone asked which country I liked the most, I say Mongolia and Costa Rica, although I had great experiences everywhere. The last few days in Spain just flew by way too fast before I had to come back to Germany, where a few friends picked me up at the airport. 🙂

And this is where the by far hardest part of my trip began: Re-entering the life most of the people are used to. A lot of things happened at the same time and I have to confess that I was more than once very close to quitting, packing up and leaving again. I am not exaggerating when I say that the last year after I came back, was one of the most challenging years in my life… There are a lot of good articles about coming back from a long trip in the internet and it hit me exactly the same way.

Many different things made it very hard for me. I arrived after a year full of amazing and crazy experiences with the feeling that I changed a lot, that I grew personally and mentally, but here I saw a Germany and people that did not change…at all!!That feels weird… as if someone has pushed the pause button for a full year. Additionally the weather here in Germany is shit, especially when you arrive in autumn like me. It is cold and rainy and dark…I was just not used to that. I spent almost all of my trip in warm weather and I really got used to it and love it. And of course the daily work routine is everything, but fun. After one year of deciding myself what to do and being able to create plans on your own, it does not feel right if you are told to do tasks that sometimes make no sense and are often internally politically motivated… Living alone in a 90sqm flat after a year in hostels gave me the feeling of having way too much space to fill with stuff that I do not need anyway. The first few month my backpack was on the floor and I lived out of my backpack, because that felt right and normal to me. And of course, the fact, that someone broke into my flat after two weeks living there did help me to get the feeling of living in a new „home“. Luckily nothing was stolen. It is crazy. I travel for one year around the world and nothing happened to me. Everyone told me to be careful and nothing happened, but as soon as I move back in a flat people want to steal my stuff… This all made me question my decision to come back, to become part of the insane routine to work ever day and built your life around this work….I honest asked myself if I want to be part of that system or leave it… again…These are the moments when I really appreciated my friends and my family, that are always there for me. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed life. I was in Spain almost every third weekend, where I felt home, went snowboarding on new years eve in the Pyrenees, went surfing on Fuerteventura and in February I travelled with the spanish girl in Thailand for two weeks. She is amazing and helped me to overcome my down. I loved her, more than everything and I still do it. She was the one!

But she decided in May to end it with me and I fell in another hole, maybe even a deeper one. And again friends and family were there for me and all the conversations with my guys, my sister and even my grandma helped me A LOT! I suffered from a lovesickness that was new to me. It took me a while before I realized that I gave up on myself for that woman and very slowly now I start to see the positive things in being alone, although I still think that she was the perfect fit….and I already saw myself in Barcelona 😥

But since I have been alone I learned a lot about myself, about the law of attraction, about a positive mindset, about setting goals, and from now on it will go straight uphill again. I have another long trip to the Philippines planned, I arranged myself with my work, my flat and the city I live in has actually a lot to offer. Aaaaand I have a lot of things in my mind that I want to do in 2017. I want to develop further, personally and professionally! It will be awesome!!!

I will find my way in this world and enjoy every second of it just like I did it on my trip.

Maybe there will be another very long trip, maybe I will leave Germany,,,maybe not. But at the moment I do not plan to continue this blog! Maybe I will upload some videos, that I still want to edit with all the unchecked material I have. But If I will really travel the Pan-American by car (which is an idea in my head) I will resurrect this blog 😉

I want to thank all of you who read this blog. I got a lot of feedback and always had the feeling that people appreciated that I shared my route and experiences.  This trip was the craziest, most amazing, most life changing trip of my life. I would definitely do it again and recommend this step outside of the comfort zone to everyone.

Bron out!

P.S.: Attached you find a little gallery with some of the pictures of what I did the last year since my last post.

P.P.S.: Attached you see the facebook post, that I posted shortly after the trip. I am still thankful and grateful that I met all these amazing people. You shaped this trip to this incredible journey! If you are around Germany, sent me a message. I am looking forward to see all of you again!!

Hello everyone,

my year of traveling the world is almost over. Next Saturday I will be back in Germany. I am happy to see family and friends again but also a little bit sad.

I loved this year! It was one of the best decisions of my life. I saw incredible places, had amazing experiences, met amazing people, had so much fun and learned a lot. About countries, cultures and especially… about myself. I laughed, I cried, were happy, were sad. I did not see many of my good friends for one year, but I met a lot of people from all around the world and under all these Facebook friends I know I made some REAL friends. I want to thank you all to make this trip of mine even more amazing. Tell me if you are in Germany. Maybe I can help you out with a place to crash or just to met for a coffee or beer.

So lets use this tagging feature of Facebook (I am sorry if I forgot anyone):

-Thank you Marie-Theres Madl for the amazing trip with the transsiberian railway and the trip to Thailand and Malaysia. We still have a lot to sort out, but the time with you was amazing! Thanks also Amelia Bertmar, Gabriel Lindell, Martin Bell, Christina Busch Christoph for making the Transsiberian experience unforgettable. Thanks to Irina Kostenko for the perfect tour through Moscow and Stephanie Liew, Dana Contreras Berríos for sharing this.

– Thank you  Thomas Kneer for letting me crash at your place in Shanghai for a full week although we just met once before! You are great!

– Thanks to Carl Olsson, Elly Parsons, Mike Ward, Miki Nishioka, Greg Williamson, Shumei Chan Annika Kinast, Mel Costa Michael Sanduski Lewis Cheung for a few crazy days in Hong Kong

– Thank you Julia Duenne, Jessie Watts, Samantha Barry, Fleur Tomlinson, Matt MacKay, Patrick Heanue and many more…. for the crazy Party-time in Hanoi and Halong-Bay.

– Thank to the Buffalo Run Crew Tom Stone Hanh Hong Nguyen Juan Vitor Maqueda Ryan Webb, Lily Smith, Leighton Beer, Emilie Brown, Jim Stillwell Gary Riley for the trip through this diverse and beautiful country and everyone else I met in Vietnam. Claartje Schulp

– Thanks to Ditte Haps Meyer, Daniel Saul Goodman, Matt Slattery,   Haresh Sivaram, Mary Merritt, Miriam Urch, Maëlle Paugam for exploring Laos with me, surviving the tubing, exploring Luang Prabang, and the Slow Boat Trip.

– Thanks to Adriaan Taal, Jennifer van den Berg, Marleen Atsma, Daniele Grintaccia Di Maita, Alex Duchemin D’Matta for the Gibbon experience which was worth every penny of it!

– Thanks Bhud at Xhale Yoga and Kate Emma, Don Thomson, Natalie Smolders, Ange Tan-Chong, Auntie Kiki, Beate Cecilie Stampe, Bex Anne Wildsmith, Chaja Jacobs, Isa Flores, Luna Button, Michelle Goh, Noel Molony and Valentin Ade…. This was a real step out of my comfort zone, a highlight of my trip and I will continue my Yoga journey because all of you.

– Thanks to Tiam O. Yupin, Nina Blake and the Yoga Crew for a few great days in Chiang Mai.

– Thanks to Di Fu, Dylan Blaine Playfair and Brent Neumann for exploring my favorite city in the world with me. I love Bangkok. Thanks to Alexander Eplingerfor a great time at Wake a Lot – Wakeboarding Thailand

– Thanks to Beer Wiphawee Baosathorn for giving her room to us.

– Thanks again to the crazy Yogis  for showing me around in Singapore.

– Thanks to Anne Mari aifa M Raman, Will Manners, Kristina Hallvik, Jordan Eustache, and everyone who started my Indonesian Adventure with me.

– SPECIAL thanks to Lore SanGo, Núria Rius and Maria Merichal Palomares. The fact that we met in that bus to Bali changed everything!!! Thanks for the amazing time on Bali and Gili-T. I will never forget that.

– Thanks for everyone else on Bali  Mei Jalleh, Jeremy Koehler and Jay Kay, Thiemo Irtel, Christina Gottschalk, Christian Schlitt for sharing my surfing adventure and James Gregory , Kristofer Duval, Gabriel Setiawan and Andrew Philley  for good talks and surviving in the hell of Kuta.

– Thanks for everyone at Z Hostel Philippines for this great Manila experience. Joff Cruz, Carlo Cao Ocampo, Martin Jonsson, Raf Salas

– Thanks to CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex), Infinite-Camps, Susanne Kunte, Philipp Kunte, Caroe Espunkt, Thore Jarosch, Eve Pee, Felix Andrade, Frankie Fourfingers, Quentin Maulavé, Jan Uary, Lars Georges, Alexander Alt, Marvin Langner Vicki Hernandez Dill, Diego Hoet, Malin Overby and of course Elli for one week in one of the most amazing wake parks of the world.

– Thanks to my Sister Maike Bröskamp and Maris Pankūka for visiting me and traveling with me. I really enjoyed the time with you two.

– Thanks again to my Yogi friend Kate for letting me stay with you in Brisbane and all the support.

– Thanks River Rea, Dave Simpson, Dario Vlachos, and Jeremy Faivrefor sharing the Byron Bay Experience with you. How are you guys?

– Thanks for Brent Coles and Karl Herman for showing me GoWake cable park. I needed this break of backpacking.

– Thanks for everyone on the boomerang, especially to my fellow germans Florian Huber und Andy Kasper. You guys are something else. It felt good to keep in touch with you all the time.

– The third thanks to Kate Emma for setting me up with your parents and Peter O’Connor and Donna-Maree O’Connorfor inviting me, and the nice discussions on your beautiful terrace. The O’Connor clan is something special.

– Thanks Christoph Grohmann Raphael Trenker, Angus Cowan for an incredible time in cold Melbourne. I tried a lot of beer and gained a lot of weight there. Thank you all!

– Thank you Maria Merichal Palomares for keeping me for a full month with you. We are a great team. Thanks you Núria Rius for always being there! Thank you Lore SanGo Ari Oh Josep Lluis Navarrete Xetilla Brochetilla and everyone else for the by far best time I ever had on Menorca. Count on me for the next San Joan!

– Thanks to my father, who is not on Facebook, (I will tag you Wolfgang Halberscheidt, as a representative of the generation ;-)), for three relaxing and interesting weeks in Mexico. My advice to all of you: Travel with your parents! It is worth it!

– Thank you, James Pople Hoskins, Donal Moran and the rest of the crew for a REAL Cuban experience in a country that is so different from every other country I have been.

– Thank you Maria for three weeks Costa Rica, which I will never forget in my life!

– Special thanks to my whole family for the support and all my friends at home who tried to stay in contact with me although I was so far away!

– I knew that I forgot some people who made this trip awesome. So also a shoutout to Windy Catz, BenJamin King, Vroni Staudigl, Leonie Langer, Marta M. Crespi, Miriam RM, Laura Ferrero, Vini Singer

What a privilege to be able to do such a trip, but I guess it was not the last one…


Short Break in Spain and back over the Atlantic – Costa Rica

Hello together,
after Mexico and Cuba I flew back to Spain and had another short break of about two weeks in Barcelona before I flew back over the Atlantic…. (For the plan not to fly too much on my trip, I flew A LOT!!!)

Three weeks in Costa Rica with the amazing Spanish girl I just met this year… I was excited and interested how this will be. I just heard good things about Costa Rica and that it is expensive…. and both is true!

After a night in the not so interesting capital San Jose we went by bus and boat to Tortuguero at the Carribean cost. I never thought that I would see Sea Turtles laying their eggs on the beach „live“, but we saw that on a tour and the night after just the two of us found also some turtles coming to the beach at night. If you see these huge animals in the red light of your flashlight (white light is not allowed at the beach), how they use all their power to lay the eggs for future generations you are just amazed by nature. It was definitely a highlight just after a few days in Costa Rica. Also the canoeing tour through the Tortuguero National park, which is also called the Amazonas of Costa Rica, was amazing. We saw a lot of birds, caymans, monkeys, a sloth and beautiful iguanas.
On the way back from Tortuguero we met unwillingly a crazy looking guy in the bus who talked with himself and had a gun in his belt. Normally I am not afraid so fast, but the guy sat directly behind us and when I saw that the locals got nervous, I became very nervous too. Luckly nothing happened and the next day we made our plan true to rent a car for the rest of the time :-).
Our next stop was the volcano Poas, where we stayed one night in a beautiful place overlooking a huge valley. The only problem was the way to the „hostel“ and even more …back. The road was ok for horses and a nightmare for cars. To the wood cabin we „just“ had to slide down the mountain, but the way back we had to go uphill! The first time we got almost half way before we got stuck and the 16 year old son of the family, where we stayed, rode by with his horse. Trust me it is a weird feeling to sit in the trunk of your little jeep to get more weight on the back wheels, while a 16-year old boys tries to fire up your rental car the mountain. Finally his father came, put the pedal to the metal and made our Suzuki „Jimny“ fly up the dirt road, while we were thrown around in the trunk. The second time we tried to get up this road, we finally realized that the 4WD of our car is not functioning well. In pouring rain, which made everything just more muddy and slippery, another identical rental car had to pull us up the mountain. I was honestly happy when we arrived to the next paved road. The view to the volcano was blocked by a thick wall of clouds, so we came all the way pretty much just for the beautiful mountain shack and the adventure of the way to get there. But this was definitely worth it.
From there we drove to Monteverde, where we visited the beautiful cloud forest, made a tour over a sustainable coffee plantation and a night walk. Again we saw a lot of animals and especially the tarantulas and vipers at the night walk were creepy-amazing! The amount of animals I saw in the wildlife in this country just blew me away. Because of that I want to make a gallery just with animal pictures. I don’t have a good camera for pictures in wild life, but I want to show you some of the animals we saw. Some of the pictures a little bit blurred but we took them all by ourself.

After Monteverde we made our way to the pacific coat for some beach vacation and for the first time it became really hot and the sun shine a lot. The beaches we found were amazing and Nosara, Samara and Montezuma are not only for surfers beautiful places. Especially the Playa Barrigona was amazing. We were completely alone at this beach, had to cross a river and many muddy holes to get there. The only house on this beach is from Mel Gibson… 😀 And you can only see the gate of this house. This beach was amazing!
After a few nice days at different beaches we went to Quepos from where we visited the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park. Instead of spending over 20$ per person for a guide we went on our own and saw also a variety of animals. The cheekiest ones where the monkeys, who stole the food out of our bags, while we were in the water… I always make fun of the people who don’t take care of their belongings, but this time it was me… I guess the monkey enjoyed the dish… The National Park is really nice, but it is one of the biggest attraction and we saw a lot of tourists there.
From Quepos we went to Uvita for amazing whale watching and I finally rented a surf board just to find out again that I am not a gifted surfer… Our most southern point on the pacific coast was the Corcovado National park where we did a full day trip through the jungle and saw again a lot of animals including an tapirs, tucans and heaps of monkeys.
Since we had a few days left, we drove back to the Carribean cost and treated ourself with a nice hotel in Puerto Viejo for a few days to relax before we made our way back to San Jose…NOT without a full day of rafting on the Rio Pacuare. The rapids were up to class 4 and it was a lot of fun to raft in the jungle. The broken bridges above us gave this rafting a little bit of an Indiana Jones feeling. A good way to end our Costa Rica vacation!

Looking back to these three weeks we had an absolute blast together and laughed A LOT. Crazy to imagine that we met in Indonesia, lived together in Barcelona and traveled now to Costa Rica. And we always had a great time together…

I am currently back in Spain and it is hard to realize that my trip will end soon… I will write about that in my next and last (!?) post.

Best Regards


P.S.: Here are more impressions from Costa Rica:

Cuba – “Hasta la Victoria siempre (?)”

After three amazing weeks in Mexico, I went to Cuba. I did not really know what to expect but in general I heard pretty much just good things about it. Because I did not really want to plan everything by myself, I just booked a group tour for 8 days over the internet. 15 or even 20 days were also available but I don’t consider myself a big fan of organized tours and I thought 8 days is a good compromise between seeing interesting sites and not getting too annoyed by the others in the group.
I arrived safely at the airport and after waiting almost two hours for my bag pack (memories of Mexico feared me), I got picked up and and was brought to my home for the first night. For all the tour we stayed in Casa Particulares, where you stay in a room of a local family. Very few of them spoke english so I had to practice my bad Spanish a little bit. The house of the first night in Havannah was directly at the ocean and from the balcony of the living room you had an amazing view over the Malecon, which is the street that runs alongside the ocean.
After a dinner at the first night with the whole group, the next day we made our way to the Bay of Pigs, where the Revolution fought off a CIA triggered invasion, and continued after that to the town Cienfuegos.
The following day we visited Che’s grave and arrived in Trinidad, which is a beautiful town on the south coast of Cuba. The houses are very colorful and the people are welcoming and friendly. But at the same time you can see that it is a town with many tourists and investments in the main buildings to make it look nice. Our tour guide gave us a nice walking tour around the city and we ended it with a coffee in a beautiful café. After a interesting Mojito night, we hiked with a part of the grouper to a nice waterfall the next day, which was the perfect refreshment in the humid heat of Cuba.
In the afternoon we had altogether a fun salsa lesson and after a good dinner we went out to a club in a cave close to Trinidad’s town center…
After a not really relaxing sleep of approximately 25 minutes we drove the next day about 7 hours to Vinales. The landscape there is stunning and amongst other things we visited a tobacco farm and had dinner with a view over the amazing hills around Vinales.
At the end of the trip we visited Havannah again. This city is beautiful and another example of the contrast of old damaged buildings and new renovated places.
After 8 days with a group of native english speakers I was surprised that it went all smooth, but at the same time I am happy that I did not book a 20 days tour. I just like to discover places at my own speed. 🙂
All together the visit of Cuba was a great experience. The people there call themselves „mellow“ and it definitely fits. Although Cuba is underdeveloped in many aspects we can learn a lot about the way people are happy with their easy and basic lifestyle. It is definitely the right time to visit the country and the first signs of upcoming changes start to pop up everywhere. For example the young cubans that sit with their smartphones at the dedicated WIFI-areas to check their Facebook 😀 The country has a lot to offer and I am happy that I got at least a little impression about the real Cuba. It was also a lot of fun to speak with the owners of the Casas Particulares with my little Spanish.

After Cuba I flew back to… knew it…. Spain … again!!!
I guess it became kind of a „home base“ of my trip. 🙂

Best Regards

Three relaxing weeks – Mexico with my dad

Hello together,
I know that I am very late with this post but I will keep them coming…
Like I wrote before I arrived safely with my dad in Mexico City, just my backpack did not. Considering the fact that I have been traveling for such a long time, I can be pretty happy that this is the first time ever that this happened to me.
After a few days I bought a few clothes and expected that my backpack is gone forever and British Airways will just pay me whatever I had in there. We did not really let get that „backpack-problem“ in our way and discovered Mexico City. The city is actually not as crazy and wild as I expected. I had the feeling that Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta were way more crazy, wild and uncoordinated. Maybe it was just because of the thousands of policemen that were patrolling pretty much everywhere but we never felt unsafe. In Mexico City we visited the main tourist attractions, like the Templo Mayor, the Palacio National, the Almeda Park, the Placa Garibaldi and enjoyed the cheese- and meat-heavy mexican kitchen (I don’t want to be rude, but you can see very easily on the streets that the mexcians just took the trophy for the most obese country from the States) Also we did a one day trip to Teotihuacan, which is an impressive and huge archeological site. The Pyramid of the sun is the third biggest Pyramid of the world and you have a nice view over the ruins from the top.
From Mexico City we drove to the little village Cardonal in the state Hidalgo, about two hours northwest of Mexico City and lived there with friends of my parents for a few days. It was very nice to see a Mexico without any tourists at all and we really enjoyed to be outside of the big city and explore the country side of Mexico. After calling all British Airways numbers I could find and writing all email addresses, my bag finally arrived about 10 days after me, so we traveled back to Mexico City, picked up my stuff and went straight to Palenque with a more comfortable than expected overnight bus. The bus system in Mexico is advanced and pretty much all destinations are easy to reach.
Palenque is another small town and the major sights are the ruins of Palenque. They are not as big as Teotihuacan, but the fact that they are surrounded by the jungle and halfway in the jungle gives them a Indiana Jones feeling that makes them the most impressive historical site that we have visited in Mexico
From Palenque we headed to the little town Champeche which is described as a colorful colonial dream. And exactly that is it. The complete town center is renovated and all buildings are painted in bright colors which look amazing. After a short stop in Valladolid and a visit of the ruins of Chichen Itza we travelled to the Isla Mujeres, a small Island off the east coast, where we spent the last week exploring the island by golf cart and bicycle and relaxing at the beach. One of the highlights was for sure the snorkeling with whale sharks. We took a boat that headed almost one hour offshore where we jumped in the water with these gentle giants. It is a indescribable feeling when you dip your head in the water and the first thing you see is a meter-wide mouth heading towards you. After avoiding to be acitendally swallowed it is just amazing to swim alongside with these animals which where almost ten meters long… Something I will never forget.

After a week on the island my father took his flight back home, while I checked in to my flight to Cuba. The three and a half weeks with my father were just amazing. It was the first time that just the two of us travelled together alone. Everything was so relaxed and chilled and I had the feeling that we had an identical idea of how to spent this vacation together. And with his good and my little Spanish we managed it always somehow together to understand the fast speaking Mexicans and make them understand us.

All together a perfect visit to Mexico.

Best Regards

Back to Spain – Travel break

Hello together,
I told in my last post, that I was happy to leave to warmer regions. It is crazy to say that Australia (especially Melbourne) was one of the coldest places of my trip (beside Russia and Mongolia). But I was very happy to be back in Barcelona and the warmer weather was not really the reason.
I really enjoyed Australia but I felt something there. Since SEA my travel speed has dropped and in Australia I realized that I needed a break. I definitely did not want to go back to Germany, but I wanted to stay longer at a single place. Even before my trip I planned a break, but at that time I thought it would be working or and internship in Australia or New Zealand. But like I said a few posts before… things did not went like planned and I guess this is a good thing. Plans exist to be changed!
I met different people traveling and everyone has to find his/her own travel speed. For example a Brazilian Girl that I met in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Byron Bay is also traveling for one year in exactly the same time frame as me. She has a high pace and is visiting a lot of places. And she keeps this speed up. She sees a lot of places and loves it to travel so fast. I admire that but this would be too fast for me. Another girl from the Netherlands is also traveling for a full year, but way slower. She stayed about 3 month at one place in Thailand and again 3 months in Sydney. She is building a life at every place where she is. This is also an amazing way to travel, but way to slow for me. I guess my travel speed is somewhere in between and I feel pretty good with it.

So I flew back to Barcelona to make a break from my travel life and to learn a little bit more of the language, which I always wanted to learn. And than there is also this beautiful and amazing Spanish girl…. Lets just say she also influenced my decision to come to Barcelona….again.
I lived with her in a small town close to Barcelona. I went to Spanish class every day and lived a normal daily life. Shopping Grocerys, Cooking, Cleaning, going to the movies, doing the laundry, walking the dog,… It was great. It felt good to have a daily routine.
But of course we did some more activities. We went with the dog to a dog piscina, which was a big pool just for dogs. Trust me, it was as crazy as it sounds. We visited Monserrat, which is a pretty impressive mountain close to Barcelona. We went wakeboarding and on a concert and also visited old bunkers with a great view over the city… and we went to Menorca for 4 days which is worth an extra post, but I will just write about it after the pictures.

Menorca is the island right next to Mallorca and we flew there for 4 days from Barcelona. I have been there multiple times with my parents but this is already over 15 years ago so I was excited to see the island again. I knew that the vacation is different when you are 30 and live with 8 Spanish people in a house compared to being under 15 and traveling with your parents.
To make it short: IT WAS AMAZING! The island did not change toooooo much and it is still beautiful and I had a blast there!
We started with a dinner in the wonderful small harbor of El Castell from where we went to Cova de Xoroi. This is a club which is built into a high cliff right at the sea. Definitely one of the best locations I have ever seen.
Next day we went to Cala Pregonda where we ate a beautiful Paella and drank lots of Sangria. The 30 min walk to the beach after that meal was amazing and funny. 🙂 After that we went to the highest point of Menorca to watch the magical sunset.
Next morning we went beach hopping and saw three different beautiful beaches before we visited the nice little village Binibeca with white houses. Dinner we ate in a typical Catalan Restaurant before we went partying in Cuitadella with traditional drummers, that walk through the city before they end with a performance in a small bar at the harbor. This is already part of the fest „San Joan“.
The next day we rented kajaks in Cala Pregonda and paddled all the way over the sea to the next stunning beach, Cala Macarejetta. The police tried to ruin my day by catching me for crossing a line at a open street with my scooter and let me pay 100 f***** €, but they did not succeed!!! At night we went to Ciutadella, where the whole city celebrated the fest „San Joan“. Everyone was wearing red shirts and the city center was full of people. After a while big black horses rode through the narrow streets and the rider stopped every few meters to lift the horses on their back feet. Apparently it brings luck to touch the horses when they are standing up. The mood and screams of the people mixed with a good portion of alcohol made this spectacle at the same time dangerous and exciting. Sometimes you cannot get away from the horses because they randomly choose small alleyways. A crazy party just like the Spanish people like it and for me, once more, an amazing experience.

After this amazing month in Spain, I continued to travel. I was sooooo excited to travel with my dad for three weeks in Mexico. This will be amazing!!! I will tell you more about it in my next post. I can just give you the sneak peak that I made it to Mexico, but my backpack did not.

Best Regards

From tropical Cairns to freezing cold Melbourne

Hello together,
I arrived with the night bus in Cairns and was picked up with all my luggage by someone from the hostel. Luckily I could check in straight away and after that I made my way with the bus to the wakeboard cable.
Cairns Wake Park has a beautiful scenery. You are overlooking the mountains while you are on the water. The obstacle park was amazing and I was looking forward to spent the next week here.
But of course things never go like planned and after the third day in the park I came back to the hostel slipped in the bathroom and cut my toe open on the sharp edge of a tile… 😦
Wakeboarding was no option any more and since I bruised my toe also very hard I could also not really walk. So I just stayed a few days in the hostel… Luckily I could stay also a few days in the house from a friends parents. They took really good care of me and I was again amazed by the hospitality I experience on this trip. Due to my bad toe I could not do as much as I wanted, but I visited the little town Kuranda and got there with a beautiful historical train ride. And of course I could not miss the chance to go diving at the Great Barrier Reef, which was surprisingly easy despite my injured toe. The underwater topographie with dive throughs, canyons and arches was like nothing else I have ever seen before. I had three amazing dives and also took this pretty cool under water selfie:


The next day I flew to Melbourne. I expected it to be cold, but I was still surprised by how cold it really was… In Melbourne I stayed at a friends house who picked me up from the airport. He lives in a beautiful old victorian building in the middle of the hipster suburb Fitzroy. It was the perfect location to explore the city and I must admit that Melbourne is (so far) the nicest city I have seen in Australia. There are so many really nice Bars and Cafes. The variety and quality of the coffees and the beers is very high and enjoyed it soooo much to spent the whole day hopping from cafe to cafe and end the day with a fruity Pale Ale of a local brewery. They listen to as crazy names like „Little Creatures“ „Moutain Goat“ or „Fat Yak“.
Beside walking around in this crazy city I visited one day the Great Ocean Road with the guidance of a friend that I met in Vietnam. She showed me this amazing road with astonishing views. It reminded me a little bit of the highway number one in California. It was just another example that this huge country has so much nice nature to offer and I just saw very very little in the few weeks I stayed here.
Another thing I definitely wanted to do, was to visit an AFL (Australian Football League) game. A friend was able to organize tickets and I watched this insane sport…..
Here are some random information I picked up:
– The playground is oval and about 180 m long and the ball also has an oval shape
– The goal consists of four posts (six points if you score the center goal and one point if you hit between the outer poles)
– You can just kick or punch the ball forward. If you kick it more that 15m the catcher marks the ball and cannot be tackled.
I don’t even know if this is all right… 🙂 All in all it was an amazing experience and I am happy that I went there.

This was my time in Australia… It is so much different from Asia but I still enjoyed my time here. On the other side I am very happy that I am back in warm weather!

Best Regards